3. June 2020

GEM Ingenieurgesellschaft together with Gröner Group is the new TOP sponsor of KSC

Since July 13, 2019, it is official and for all to see, the GEM logo emblazoned on the left sleeve of the KSC home jersey. Analogously, the logo of the CG Group on the away jersey. At the press briefing, the new TOP sponsors Martin Müller and Christoph Gröner introduced themselves and answered questions from the audience.

For the two of them, sponsorship is not simply an advertising tool, but has personal significance, especially due to their connection to their home in Karlsruhe, and is an affair of the heart. As entrepreneurs, they are consciously involved in sports, alongside the charity organization “Laughing Hearts” and the “Offroad Kids” foundation.

Martin Müller and soccer legend Edgar Schmitt

Above all, the KSC should emerge strengthened for the future as a result of this cooperation and perhaps also advance to the next league.

Here you can find the Interview. (In German)

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